Wednesday 12 September 2012

The Mythical Mystery Tour

Coming soon to an imaginary place near you!

Oct 5th Mt. Doom National Entertainment Center, Mordor
Oct 6th Snooze Arena, Dreamland
Oct 8th Hammersmith Odin, Asgard
Oct 9th The Halfway House of Blues, Purgatory
Oct 10th Golddiggers Club, El Dorado
Oct 11th Poseidon Aquatic Center and Leisure Park, Atlantis
Oct 13th The Greek Theatre, Mt. Olympus
Oct 14th Eddard Stark Memorial Stadium, Westeros
Oct 15th Art's Knightclub, Camelot
Oct 17th The Snake Pit, Garden of Eden
Oct 18th Royal Festival Hall, Far Far Away
Oct 20th Peter Pan Center for the Performing Arts, Neverland